As many of you already know, the Coronavirus and the number of reported cases in the United States and other countries is growing. Thankfully, there have been no cases reported so far in the markets that we serve. We want to let you know that we are monitoring this virus closely. We believe that Piggott State Bank is well postured for stable business continuity in the event of pandemic development given that many of the mission critical banking services we provide are virtual or web-based. While most critical electronic banking and communications functions can be performed by our employees remotely, Piggott State Bank has offices in two communities with operational support staff from various business lines working in each location. As a customer, now would be a good time to test your online banking passwords. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way in the coming days and weeks.
After hours emergency phone numbers: 870-634-6956 or 870-634-7400.

Providing the best in financial services to our customers.


A true community bank reflects its setting, prospering when its hometown prospers. Piggott State Bank and Northeast Arkansas are strong, stable, and experiencing remarkable growth. Piggott State Bank is committed to providing superior, diversified financial services for individuals, businesses, and organizations. We are committed to serving the community where we live. Piggott State Bank continues to grow with traditions and values defined by the bank's founders in 1930.

Our mission will remain the same - "to provide the best in financial services to our customers, attain and sustain a strong level of earnings as further protection for our depositors and to assure an appropriate return to our stockholders; also, to fulfill our role as a good corporate citizen and provide leadership in the economic growth of the communities in our market area." 


Piggott State Bank 
212 W. Cherry St. Piggott, AR 72454
(870) 598-3802  

Rector Location: 
400 S Main St. Rector, AR 72461

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